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The NURCE is a patented product developed by AQUALAN. It was tested for two and a half years. It is skillfully crafted from acrylic and PVC components, to produce a reliable and attractive device. The primary function of the NURCE is to replace the water lost to evaporation by regulating the water level in the aquarium or the sump. The NURCE's secondary function is to use the natural process of evaporation as a mechanism for adding fluids to the aquarium. In this capacity, the NURCE performs the dosing function.

How does it work? tiny fish
The NURCE consists of a reservoir and a siphon which is controlled by the air pressure in the reservoir. The air pressure in the reservoir is controlled by the water level in the sump or aquarium. Fluid is automatically siphoned from the reservoir whenever it is needed, in order to maintain the water level in the sump or aquarium. This occurs until the fluid in the reservoir is depleated, after which the NURCE quietly waits to be refilled. If set up properly, priming the siphon is only required once at the initial setup, which makes the refilling process a breeze. The NURCE replaces only the amount of water lost, even though the evaporation rate may vary. The current version can replenish fluid at a rate of up to 5 gallons per 30 minutes.


Setup tiny fish
The NURCE can easily be added to any aquarium without physically altering the aquarium system's existing components. It can be set up in approximately 20 minutes. In the ideal setup, the bottom of the NURCE should be aligned with the water level to be maintained in the sump or aquarium, as shown in the above figure. However, the NURCE can also be positioned completely above the desired fluid level. A stand may be required for this, which must be sturdy enough to support the weight of the NURCE when it is filled with fluid. It must also adequately support the bottom of the NURCE, where the definition of adequate support depends on the model.

The NURCE should be placed as close to the sump or aquarium as possible. It is preferable that it be under six feet away, however some people have been satisfied with its performance from 25 feet away. The dimensions and other data on the four current models are given on the pricing page, however custom sizes can be made. The smallest model has a capacity of about 6.4 gallons.

Advantages tiny fish
The NURCE performs its duties without the use of float valves, pumps, or any other devices requiring electricity. No moving parts are required to maintain the fluid level, so the NURCE should never fail. For marine aquariums the NURCE also reduces fluctuations in saltwater salinity.

The additives, including Kalkwasser Mix, which promote the health of the aquarium inhabitants can be added to the reservoir of the NURCE1. These additives will then be added in small doses to the aquarium. It may even be desirable to encourage a higher evaporation rate in the aquarium in order to take advantage of this capability. These functions liken the NURCE to a true nurse, by helping the owner better care for the needs of the aquarium and the health of its inhabitants. See more features of the NURCE.

1When using or mixing additives, follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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