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The NURCE models B, C, D, E and F can be used to dose Kalkwasser Mix. When using Kalkwasser with top-off or dosing devices, one must always consider the fact that calcium may continually settle/precipitate out of the solution. This can occur even after the precipitates from the initial mixing are discarded. These solids can possibly clog the plumbing of some systems.

According to the technical support people at KENT Marine, this occurs because it is difficult to keep calcium hydroxide, from Kalkwasser, in solution. It wants to bond with any available carbonates in the water to form calcium carbonate, which precipitates out of solution and coats parts of your top-off and dosing equipment. This may eventually cause them to malfunction.

The extent to which precipitation occurs depends on many factors. For one, if the solution is exposed to air, the calcium hydroxide can bond to the carbon dioxide in the air and precipitate out. Other additives mixed with the Kalkwasser solution can increase precipitation, because the solution then has less capacity to hold calcium hydroxide. Kalkwasser is best dosed alone. The type of water used can also affect precipitation because some water has more dissolved solids and chemicals in it than others, leaving less room for the calcium hydroxide. Declorinated tap water will yield the most precipitates, while reverse-osmosis and distilled water yield the least. In defense of Kalkwasser, it is the most bio-available form of calcium for use with aquarium systems, according to the people at KENT Marine. However, it can be difficult to deal with.

The NURCE uses large diameter tubing which is more difficult for these precipitates to clog. The most vulnerable part of the NURCE is the u-bend at the end of the siphon line. Some customers have experienced clogging of the u-bend and others have not. However, we recommend removing the u-bend if any deposits begin to build up inside it. The NURCE can operate without the u-bend.

Models B, C, D, E and F have the capability to siphon fluid out the reservoir 1 inch above the bottom, as recommended by Kent Marine, in order to avoid dosing any precipitates into your tank. Models B, E and F also have a second set of siphon holes near the bottom, allowing the user to take full advantage of the reservoir's entire capacity when not dosing Kalkwasser. Small plugs, which are included, allow the user to determine which set of siphon holes to use.

Model A is not recommended for use with Kalkwasser Mix. However, it can be used with solutions where the calcium does not precipitate out. Several of these additives are commercially available.

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